Staff Focus | Karrissa Pimm

Staff Focus | Karrissa Pimm

Karrissa Pimm
Reception Teacher

I started to teach after obtaining my Bachelor of Arts focusing on Special Education and educational history and then moving on to complete my Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (primary). I moved to the United Arab Emirates soon after graduating. My first position was in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the main focus for this educational setting was teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL). I was able to lead the implementation and integration of IPad and ICT use in the classroom for our department and controlled staff development and confidence in this area.

For the past 4 years, I have been teaching across Key stage 1 (KS1). I have led the implementation of a guided reading approach in Year 2 as well as continued to model effective 21st-century learning skills within the classroom. Currently, I am on the ICT curriculum development team. I have led the Student Council and helped pupils have a voice and opinion when it comes to their education. I have also led successful school-wide events such as International Day, British Royal Day and World Book Week.

I am a very social and approachable person, I enjoy meeting people from new cultures and backgrounds so that I can better understand and shape my own views of the world. I have always liked to keep fit, I have competed in 2 half marathons so far and would like to build up to completing a full marathon. Currently, in the UAE, I am an avid 7’s rugby player which has allowed me to develop a new skill set and compete in West Asia Women’s Rugby 7’s competition. Through this, I have also competed in 3 International Dubai 7’s competitions and travelled to Budapest and Cebu to play in an international setting.

I am very excited about the opportunity to move to St. Petersburg. I have never been to Russia before and I am looking forward to experiencing a new and different way of life. After researching the city and history I can see why it is such a popular destination. I am excited to teach in Reception and get to know the pupils of The British School of St. Petersburg. I am keen to be a part of the development of young minds as being able to inspire, motivate, and encourage pupils is truly a wonderful and incredible responsibility. I look forward to continuing the development of my teaching career and being able to further myself as a leader – blagodaryu vas!