Health & Safety / Safeguarding Audit

British School St. Petersburg
Independent Review from UK qualified Inspector
Visit dates: 27th – 28th January 2020


BSSP school visit to include an audit of the premises, review of policies, meetings with all staff and feedback. This report is written under the relevant headings of the BSO and COBIS Standards for inspecting schools to ensure that the Headmaster and Trust have evidence to go towards Accreditation.


To carry out an audit of Health and Safety and Safeguarding.

To provide feedback and support as necessary.
Policies viewed: Positive Behaviour Policy, Health and Safety Policy, E-Safety, Child Protection Policy and Anti-Bullying Behaviour.


BSO 3: The welfare, health and safety of the pupils. The measures to promote the welfare, health and safety of the pupils, including child protection, taking into account the regulatory and cultural requirements of the host country.

COBIS Section 2: Student Welfare

The children are well cared for and there are very positive relationships between staff and children. Children feel safe and secure in their environment. Trust Policies are in place for bullying, safeguarding, health and safety on site, good behaviour, fire safety and first aid (3.1 to 3.7), these need to be updated to be school specific and then uploaded to the website and shared with parents. Staff are all aware of current expectations and have had training and staff meetings on all of the above. The written policies now need to be implemented to make new staff aware of the policies in place. As the school grows it is important to have written policies in place for staff to refer to.

Fire regulations and fire safety procedures are in place with links made to the Fire Station. Strict local laws are in place and these are adhered to. Fire drills are carried out in association with the fire station. Where an alarm was not loud enough the school put in a speaker to ensure it could be heard everywhere. Staff are all clear on fire procedures. There are fire posters displayed all around the school and fire extinguishers in all areas. Fire doors have keys in boxes.

Staff are deployed well in the school (3.8). Schedules are displayed in the school and there is adequate staffing for all areas for example snack times, playtimes, lunch and off site PE. Staff are fully focused on what the children are doing and remind children to walk, wash their hands and line up correctly. Staff ensure that all children are dressed appropriately for outdoor play.

Written records of serious behaviour and the associated sanctions (3.9) will be stored on Salesforce. The school has not had to use this yet but all staff are aware of who to speak to.

Registers are taken daily, recorded on Salesforce and sent to the Front desk (3.10). The Headmaster reviews these.

The school does not yet have an official pastoral structure in place due to the size of the school however they know all of children well and staff know who to speak to if they have a problem (2A). The school looks after the health and safety of all students to allow them to flourish in the school environment (2B). Staff have reviewed Health and Safety guidelines in the beginning of the academic year. The school ensures that, through positive behaviour management, students are supported in their learning and safety (2C). The school ensures that off-site activities are appropriate and safe (2D).

BSO 4. The suitability of the proprietor and staff
COBIS 1A and 1B Recruitment, 4A Governance

The school recruitment process is fair and transparent and ensures that appropriate staff are appointed. Staff to pupil ratios are very good (1A). Safer recruitment procedures are in place for all staff (4). Appropriate checks have been carried out to confirm their identity, right to work in the host country, previous employment history, references and, where appropriate, qualifications and professional references. Criminal checks have been carried out in the home country and the country of most recent employment. All information on staff is kept on Salesforce. The Head is now going to make one Single Central Register to highlight staff qualifications, backgrounds, training and employment dates. All staff trained using Educare. Head must be Level 2 and 3 trained along with one other member of staff (1B). See recommendations. There are no supply staff at the moment. Governors have read Health and Safety requirements and have the appropriate checks in place (4A).

BSO 5. The premises and accommodation. The adequacy of the premises and the educational accommodation for securing the health and safety of all pupils. The suitability of the accommodation for effective teaching and learning for all pupils.

COBIS Section 3: Facilities

The building is safe and fit for purpose (5 and 3). The site is secure with entrance systems in place. Visitors are signed in and out and given a badge. The building is warm, protects against the weather and is suitable for the age of the children. The spaces meet health and safety regulations, the classrooms, washrooms and general areas are clean and well maintained. There are plenty of washrooms available for staff and children in all areas of the school. All washrooms have signs displayed, with pictures and written by the children, to explain how to wash hands correctly. Soap dispensers and paper towel holders are all at an age appropriate height. The furniture is age appropriate with the stair banisters, sinks and toilets all at the age appropriate heights with vary heights as needed. The flooring is in good condition and safety strips are in place where flooring is raised and on stairs to mark the edge of the stairs. The outdoors space is safe and adequate for purpose though the Head discussed raising the rails and adding an awning, both of which would enhance the play area. There is safety padding on the edges of the building in the playground. There is an indoor soft play area, small climbing equipment and climbing wall that is safe and secure for the EY children. All areas and spaces in the school are used well e.g. under stairs area being adapted for Lego wall, Space area etc.

Kitchen staff wear hats and gloves and food is delivered safely. The kitchen and dining area are clean and well set up for children.

Cleaning staff have a schedule and bathrooms display cleaning ticksheets.

BSO 6. The provision of information for parents, carers and others. Does the school make available to parents of pupils and of prospective pupils the following information? Policies relation to bullying, child protection, health and safety, the promotion of good behaviour and sanctions adopted in the event of pupils misbehaving.

The staff are all clear on policies and can discuss what the expectations are in the above areas. There are systems in place in the school and classrooms. These have been discussed with staff in staff meetings. However the school website currently displays the Trust policies. These need to be updated to be made school specific and then shared with parents on the website and through parent meetings. The school information booklet on the website is up to date with current information, this now needs to contain information on the Safeguarding team.

COBIS Section 8: Leadership in the School

The Head actively promotes the wellbeing of students through assemblies, presence around the school at snack and lunchtimes, teaching PE, covering for staff illness and discussions with staff. The children all know the Head and feel comfortable and confident speaking to him.

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