Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

The British School of St. Petersburg’s curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum provided by the British Department for Education (DFE), which is both rigorous, respected and recognised around the world. This means that any child attending our school will not only benefit from a rich and vibrant curriculum, but also parents will have peace of mind that their child can easily transition into any British or international school. This includes having their studies recognised by the most reputable universities. The curriculum is adapted to allow a more international perspective and include studies of the local language and heritage.

The notion that learning a second language improves your first, or that playing the violin deepens your reasoning skills, or that a game of tennis might even boost your mathematical ability is not naturally intuitive. It is these ideas that are at the very heart of our curriculum. As children, our learning capability is immensely heightened, and it is during childhood that we can pick up a second language, learn to play an instrument or develop our athletic ability with ease. Our curriculum aims high and our exceptional teachers motivate and inspire pupils to relish in their learning.


Pupils who complete their education at BSSP will attain a high level of competency across all subjects. Learning is mostly question-based with an emphasis on problem-solving, aiming to build a pupil’s ability to reason and think independently.


Teaching and learning are about making the most of a child’s natural curiosity to learn and be inquisitive. In Early Years, learning takes place principally through guided play. As work gradually becomes more structured in Primary School, lessons are planned to be exciting and engaging.


Teachers plan lessons with differentiated outcomes allowing for a range of achievements. This enables teachers to match each experience as closely as possible to individual needs while providing scope for pupils to be stretched academically.


A global vision is embedded throughout the entire curriculum, and all subjects extend national borders and become universal.

In addition to a rigorous and challenging academic programme, BSSP also runs lively sports, music, arts and drama programmes which present students with many opportunities to develop skills and interests outside of the classroom.

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