Leon Clarke


Staff Profile | Leon Clarke – Headmaster

After training and teaching in the UK for two years, I left to travel across Europe and Asia for a year. Upon my return to the UK, I knew I wanted to continue to explore the world and was fortunate to be recruited to set up a primary school in Moscow in 2012. The experience of starting a school was the most enthralling and rewarding of my teaching career. 

As the Deputy Head of the school that hadn’t existed before I arrived, it was fantastic to watch it evolve. There was such a warm, close environment created between the pupils, staff and parents. First assemblies, concerts, sport’s days, they took place with a group who knew they were laying the foundations for others to follow. 

Post Moscow, I taught at larger schools in Beijing, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Each of these schools, cities and countries has their own merits, yet none of them meant as much to me as my time in Russia.

So I view myself immensely fortunate to be able to bring my family, including my two sons Theodore and Oscar, to the British School of St Petersburg. Being a Head Teacher of a school where all the staff and students have the drive and determination to become a World Leading School, means that I am very excited about us all being able to build our own traditions and create a lasting legacy.